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Our free seo information includes: Advice on DIY website design, on page optimisation, social media, SSL security certificates, and GDPR.


Feel free to contact us below to ask questions if you get stuck and check out our advanced SEO services, and our Branded SERPs to help your business dominate Google in your niche.

Advanced SEO Services to get your business to dominate the local search results for your niche and to give your search results a branded look.

So you've got your website up and running, what next? Whether you paid hundreds of pounds for a web designer to create a website for you, or whether you used a web builder or word press to do it yourself, how do you turn that website into a traffic pulling machine, to bring in visitors and customers.


Search engine optimisation is shrouded in secrecy, the so called experts don't want you to know their secrets, they don't want you to know how easy it is. You would not pay them lots of money if you could do it yourself.


The problem is that most of us have no idea of whether they have done a good job for us or not.

It's a bit like the magic circle protecting the secrets of the stage magicians, you can be kicked out of the organisation for revealing how tricks are done.


Penn and Teller were different, they revealed how other magicians did their tricks and then did something even more incredible and amazing.


We are The Penn and Teller of Search Engine Optimisation, we will teach you the basics of on page optimisation, to a level that will beat some of the so called experts, for free, but then we will show you something even more stunning and amazing.


You can now find the information, showing you how to use on page optimisation to get a higher grade for SEO from RankGen than some SEO Experts, here


We will show you how our advanced SEO services will do a lot more than get your business to appear on page 1. Our campaigns dominate the search results, so that not only will your website be on page 1 for your local search terms, but so will some of the other content we create for you on Social Media, directories, video sites and web 2.0 sites. What if multiple pieces of content about your business, and linking to your business all appeared on page 1 for your primary search term? Well, the first thing that happens is that all those websites, linking to your page, boost the reputation of your website and will usually mean your website will be number 1 in that niche. The other thing that happens is that each piece of content we can rank on page 1 for you, pushes one of your competitors off the first page. Imagine if 3 or 4 of those listings were about your business, or even 5, 6, or 7. How do you think that would effect your business?. Maybe you already know what it is like to be on page 2 for your local search term.


The Americans call the listings on the first page of Google, Real Estate. It's the internet equivalent of land, and on a local basis we are currently in the land rush phase at the moment. This is like owning a department store where you own all of the shops in very large premises. You get all the customers and your competition loses out.


Some say it is not fair to do that as people want to get 3 quotes for everything, but I am not suggesting that you occupy all 10, although I have seen it happen, and even it did, searchers still have the option to look on page 2 of the search results as well.


In business, you need to do everything you can to outwit your competition, and dominating the search results with content about your business is the way to do it. The problem is that most people's Facebook content does not rank on Google, most people's directory content appears as one of multiple businesses on a directory page. Most people's video does not rank on Youtube, let alone Google search results. We, however, find that most of our content about our clients' businesses ranks on Google page 1, alongside the website itself.


Can we guarantee these results for you? Well, the answer to that is maybe.


Once we have researched your niche and we have seen which of your competitors are using techniques like these, we will know, instantly, what can be achieved and what can not. At the moment we are doing these competitor reports as part of our free training course. This means that it will not cost you anything to learn how to optimise your website at least as well as some of the so called experts and to understand whether it is possible to beat your competition. I'm sure that free is one of your favourite prices. Feel free to use this website as a resource to learn for free some of the things that will help your business rank higher on Google. If you do live in the Paisley area, you can apply for one of the limited places on our next free SEO course in Paisley, East Renfrewshire. There will only be 16 places available and only 1 business is allowed in each niche. So why not visit our Free on page optimisation guide and apply what you have learned to your website, wherever your business is located. Then contact us, using the contact form below, to see how we can create content on trusted domains for you that ranks on Google page 1 of the organic search results. This is truly an opportunity to take your business to the next level and banish your competition to page 2. Not many searches are made from page 2, so, if your business occupies multiple listings on Google page 1 and some of your competitors are out of the picture, don't you think that would have an incredible impact on your business.

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seo paisley free training

Google say that they want to reward high quality content, on trusted domains, that is keyword specific and that people engage with. That is the philosophy on which our Advanced SEO services are built on.

Free SEO Paisley Free Training
seo paisley free training
SEO Paisley
SEO Paisley

Free Paisley SEO

Hall of Shame


Not everyone who claims to be an expert in Search engine optimisation actually knows what they are talking about. We regulary analyse the website of these experts and all too often the results are not flattering those that actually did the work. We believe that our website is a shop window for our services. That's why every website we create has at least an A grade, if not an A+ and we continue to work hard until we get the A+ grade. Use rankgen to verify our grade.

The other people in this field are not so hard working or knowledgable, and below we will highlight those companies who fall short of the quality that we would expect. Especially as they are charging for the service and a lot of the information can be found in our free course.


Free SEO Paisley

SEO Paisley hall of shame C+

SEO paisley were ranking at number 1 in this niche before we launched our website. This is by virtue of what google calls an EMD, or an exact match domain. They have also said that EMDs would not automatically rank number one if there were better optimised sites in the niche. So keep an eye on these search results to see if we get to number one, once this site is indexed by Google.


Their website has an SEO grade of C+ and 7 easy to fix errors. This is how we promise that even with our free search engine optimisation training, that we guarantee that your SEO grade from RankGen will be better than this so called expert.

What can you expect from our free SEO training sessions?


Well, we will show you exactly what to do to optimise all of your web pages, to reach their potential and rank higher on Google page 1.


We will give you all the information you need about whether your website is compatible with SSL security certificates, and if it is, we will help you get it set up. If not we will give you other suggestions too.


We will show you how to set up your GDPR requirements free.


If people who attend the course follow what has been taught we guarantee you will get a higher grade on rank gen than some of the experts operating in the Paisley area, and charging money for it.


The second half of the session, we will show you our advanced search engine optimisation services which are designed to help your business to dominate the search rankings for not only your website but also your social media content, video content, Directory and web2.0 content ranking all of this content on page 1 means than some of your competitors will drop of the first page. Making competitors disappear. Penn and Teller would be proud of us.

Video Marketing


Be sure to visit our Video Marketing Pages because the advanced service we offer are second to none. We can get your business to occupy the 3 video pack results for your search term. When this is added to your website, your local pack listing, your actuall content pages on directory pages, not the multi business listing pages, but the actual page about and linking to your business. Then where will your competitors websites be? on page 2 of course. Some of those that are on page 1 now will have gone.


Vulnerable niches


Also be sure to have a look at our vulnerable niches pages. We have identified a number of niches that are very vulnerable to our advanced strategies. The highest ranking real business in these particular search results do not get any higher than a C grade from Rank gen. No one is ranking their actual content pages on directories on the first page, it's only multiple business listings pages. No one is ranking with video, images or social media pages either. Imagine if we created high quality, keyword related content on trusted domains, all of that content would rank on page 1, we can predict that in these vulnerable domains because no one else is doing it. We have not included niches where the main business sites are getting a B grade, but as we can guarantee an A grade for on page optimisation. We can even have sucess in those niches too. If your niche is not listed ask us for a Free Competitor Analysis Report to determine whether your niche is vulnerable or not.


If your niche is listed as being vulnerable I strongly recommend that you get in touch with us to help you protect your presence on Google.


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